Q and A Time!

We field all kinds of questions in the store, but here are the ones we hear the most.  Hope this sheds a little light!

Q.  Where do you get all this stuff??

A.  This is hands-down the most commonly asked question we get.  The general answer is that we acquire inventory however we can!  The sources we use the most are private dealers, wholesalers, house calls and walk ins.  Once in a while I'll hit an estate sale or thrift store, but it's not as often as you might think.  

Q.  How long have you been here?

A.  Six years for the physical store front and a little longer than that online.

Q.  How did you get into this?

A.  I've worn and collected vintage since I was a little kid.  I loved flea markets and garage sales.  After finishing school and working every retail job under the sun, I wrote a business plan, took out a loan, found a store front I liked and hoped for the best!  

Q.  Do you keep lots of cool stuff that comes into the store?

A.  Yes.  I'm only human.  

Q.  Do you think you'll ever move/open another store?

A.  There aren't any plans in the works right now...but who knows! I'm honestly thrilled to have made it this far.  Hopefully I'll just know when the time is right to do either of those things.  

Q.  Do you have a favorite era/style?

A.  I always like when people ask me questions like this.  It's kind of cool that anyone would even care to hear my personal thoughts.  I tend to gravitate toward the 60's and 70's.  I like the silhouettes and the ease of stuff from that period.  I also love things with interesting prints, cool provenance or one of a kind  quirks.  

Did I miss anything?  Comment below!

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